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New caliper banjo bolt leaking

new caliper banjo bolt leaking But i wouldnt want to but a new hose just to test if its the hose that is damaged. Brakes were done around 10K miles ago. Drive safe with our top picks for the best brake calipers on the market. Jul 04 2020 The new caliper I got shows the banjo hole is somehow close to the edge and seems to cause a fluid leak no matter how tight I go. Syber4x4 New Member Arizona. Revive the look of your wheels with our review of the best caliper paints. Which washer on caliper banjo bolt Discussion in 39 Early CJ5 and CJ6 Tech 39 started by Syber4x4 Jul 14 2011. If there s any leaking brake fluid from either the bolt or the hose make sure to wipe it clean to avoid possible corrosion. Pistons expand from hydraulic pressure on demand when the brake pedal in the vehicle is applied. The bolt head side is on the left and caliper side on the right. I tried installing it in the banjo fitting bolt recess and it was being extruded out of the cavity as I tightened the bolt see photo below . The bolts bottomed out against the back of the piston in the caliper. My car must be rejecting the Ford parts. Compare 4 Ford Brake Hose To Caliper Bolt Washer Products. Other than that I 39 d take the caliper to a decent machine shop and have the surface redone properly at that fitting. Once I had a new bolt and new rings on it took very little force to tighten it properly and have it leak free. And now I 39 m Order Brake Banjo Bolts amp Washers for your vehicle and pick it up in store make your purchase find a store near you and get directions. I was going off what the manual said. I do not pre fill the calipers I expect most of it would leak as you try to attach the banjo bolt. You may have to visit 2 different part stores to get the pair one for each caliper . squid said I recently did the rear break caliper service and now I am leaking brake fluid from the banjo bolt. My whole experience is documented here. The banjo bolts use crush washer 39 s make sure you are using new ones and that you torque them to spec. You should have gotten two small copper washers with the new caliper . New brake pads caliper and rotor installed. See pictures. Is that what you are after With the copper crush washers I just snug the banjos down firmly confirm they don 39 t leak and call it good. The old ones will not seal a second time. Inspect the threaded hole that bolt threads into to be sure it 39 s deep enough and nothing is nbsp 7 Nov 2015 Replace rear brake banjo bolt washer leaking at washer Hi I am wondering who The new washer should fit over the threads without a problem. this way you can rest easy when you Apr 16 2017 Things seemed ok but as I was putting caliper back on rotor I screwed the banjo washer back on and it didn 39 t sit right and started leaking I took it back off and found I rounded the threads. installing banjo bolt hose fitting shoulder should not touch caliper. The most prominent reas Installing new brake calipers is quite a large job on a car. That will get it tighter without stripping the bolt. hmm that 39 s tricky the pictures aren 39 t definitive but a cursory glance does not suggest the caliper. Make sure you get the right type of fluidI know my Altima uses Dexron VI ATF as the equiv to Nissan OEM steering fluid. The banjo bolt on my brakes wont stop leaking I am putting my calipers back The old washers get hard and embedded with crud you may want to get new nbsp 29 Jul 2002 The banjo bolts are brand new. That impression is fine as long as the washer doesn 39 t move. I believe the factory recommended torque value from the factory specs is 30 ft lbs for copper crush washers. Did you use new copper washers seals at the banjo connection New ones usually come with new or rebuilt calipers. Follow instructions washers from the LH caliper and discard. Jul 26 2016 the brake line was leaking around the banjo bolt. EDIT Using spanners that don 39 t quite fit the compression nuts will fuck them. Can I just use a quot normal quot bh90 olive or do I need a specific one for the banjo bolt assembly If just the banjoyou might get away with some new crush washers after a good clean of the fittings. buildup or any other substance on the calipers. Available in a range of thread sizes and lengths our banjo bolts are made of high quality materials for long lasting durability. I know the good n tight spec is normally it but I had one bolt loosen up. After it leaked I found this forum and discovered I should have tightened it to 32 ft lbs. Fatal_Paradox Aug 19 2019 Working as fast as I can to make sure I spill the least amount of brake fluid everywhere I found out that the caliper banjo bolts bottoms out before it tightens the brake line and before it crushes the new washers. With the caliper bolted back into position the brake line is properly positioned and the banjo bolt yellow arrow is torqued to 23 foot pounds. If you ve never done it before it s best to have someone experienced nea 15 Mar 2015 Imgunna be doing my calipers new and rotors next few days. I checked that the copper washers were in place. The OEM caliper bolts were the perfect length. Compared to nbsp 30 Apr 2012 I have the new design 2011 XT Trail Brakes. Does anyone have the correct torque setting for the bolt connecting the brass banjo to the caliper rear caliper banjo bolt torque setting. The original seemed to be made of brass golden in color and had three holes two across and one at the bottom. 2 days ago Hit them a few times came back. Figure 18. May 09 2016 Step 4 Install the new caliper. If the surfaces are deeply pitted replace the part with the damage. Note One crush washer must be placed on each side of the banjo bolt to prevent brake fluid from leaking out of the hose. I have one problemthe banjo bolt on the caliper is leaking. Mate if any good my calipers are off the car i have a suppier who does these bolts i could send caliper and hose to him to meassure up for new bolts even do u bulk buy of them Edited by Monaro5 If you re not experienced with vehicles you may not realize there are two different types of brake calipers. 5mm x 6. 86 Write Review I replaced my LR brake caliper about 3 weeks ago. Even without wrenching down the hose sits flat agains the caliper. This leak did not exist with the old calipers and it seems to continue even after tightening the bolt all the way down. Sep 05 2019 Once you do a 10mm flare nut wrench will separate the soft line from the hard line and you can cap the hard line with a vacuum cap so it doesn 39 t leak everywhere. 5mm 0. If a new brake caliper has been installed re attach the brake hose using new crush washers on the banjo bolt and torque to approximately 35 ft lbs. The first time I rode it I noticed a small leak at the upper banjo bolt where it Second issue what would cause a brand new base gasket to leak Brake temps even at the calipers get much higher than the spot on the head nbsp 23 Dec 2008 After installing a new rear brake caliper on my 2001 drw f350 there is a Ahh but did you torque the banjo bolt to the stated value or tighten it nbsp I had a brake fluid leak at the banjo fitting on a caliper and went through 3 sets of crush rings with no results then I saw this product online and ordered it. Here are the torque specs from the manual. 4. Once you remove the old caliper you can throw it away. I 39 ve gone from Bought new Cobra style calipers and both will not stop leaking at where the copper washer is against the back side of the caliper. It could have a burr or something on the sealing surface. Remove the brake hose banjo bolt or bolts and then disconnect the brake hose and maneuver it away from the brake assembly. 3. Backed it out cleaned everything up and reinstalled. Do I just repeat this until it doesn 39 t leak Do I need new washers every time This is my first caliper You should have normal 6 point bolts so go with 70ft lbs and use Loctite. those copper banjo washers one time or you 39 re guarantied to get a leak. Make sure if you are reusing your banjo bolts that the old copper crush washers are removed and two new washers are used to keep it from leaking. com When reinstalling the caliper I noticed a small leak at the brake line banjo bolt. 14 Apr 2011 It is dripping at where the banjo bolt enters the fuel pump if they are crush washers then they should be replaced with new crush washers IMO. caliper washer fitting washer bolt in that order 2005 HONDA CBR 1000RR REPSOL CZ V6 Wheels Yosh RS5 PC3 BMC Race Driven 2R 07 Swingarm Shock Pazzo Levers Sato Rearsets Revolution Rotors Vesrah RJL HEL Lines Pilot Pure 190 55 Apr 17 2019 The banjo bolt resides on the backside of the brake calipers. This bolt is measured from below the bolt head to the tip of the threads at 18mm long Specification Material Part Number 23 0883 Application XL 2004 UP Details Chrome hex style banjo bolts with seal washers are for use with brake hoses with 12mm hole. Oh by the way if you remove the banjo bolt from the caliper you will need new copper crush washers 2 each . Most SS have quot universal quot end that put all load from banjo bolt in a small area. Time to swap the schocks now I guess. Secure caliper bracket against brake rotor. Remove the front brake banjo bolt circled in Figure 3 . Check them before you cut the old banjo orff. Make sure when you reinstall the caliper that the flex line is not twisted. Just tighten it a little bit at a time until it stops leaking. KIMG0104 1 . Can I take apart the lever reservoir and banjo without having disconnected the hose at the caliper So I look down at the banjo joint to see if the line was leaking. Grip the bolt with your ratchet and rotate it counterclockwise to disconnect the hose from the old caliper. I tightened it up to 150 lb in yesterday and it was still leaking. I didn 39 t want to overtighten the banjo bolt and strip it out after the last onecan someone throw me some torque specs for it soI our new caliper put it into place slip. I can get it screwed in with a different washer but it has a tiny leak. New crush washers were used. Is there a torque spec for the banjo bolts See full list on 2carpros. The new bolts has only 2 holes and white in color one on the side and one at the bottom. All connections from Banjo bolt are tight with no leaks. I also replaced the rear brake hose while I was at it. If the caliper is otherwise in good working order I 39 d focus my efforts on restoring the washer sealing surface by careful flat filing with a fine mill file after plugging the hole leading to the caliper 39 s innards. Went to 36 ft lb and they still leaked. First off is the banjo bolt red arrow . caliper to the mounting bracket. I have tried new crush washers on the banjo fittings and the dip like crazy. Yep I have to nbsp 15 Feb 2018 Dyna Glide Models Leak from banjo bolt attached to the front master I went to the harley dealership and got two new washers but these It takes four for a single caliper system two on the master and two on the caliper. CART TOTAL 0 00. Break loose the banjo bolt on caliper but leave attached so fluid won t leak out. People googled those phrases and similar ones over 10 000 times last year. I got them tight then tighter still leaks even under no foot preassure. Fitting the calipers was a bolt on procedure. It can be purchased at any of the above mentioned parts stores. jpg Anyone know the P N for a 05 06 banjo bolt I called my local GM dealer and he couldn 39 t find anything. These brake banjo bolts give you leak free performance and consistent fluid pressure Pictured are the original banjo bolt left and the new HELP brand banjo bold model 13912. Any small defect then will leak fluid. Put a new 9 inch rear end with disc brakes this weekend and the banjo bolts keep leaking. Now am stuck. Brake hoses should be replaced at the first sign of deformation or cracking. by sticking to the banjo bolt either side of the block or caliper it will leak. I am leaking brake fluid between the block and the caliper around the copper washer. Usually when you buy the assorted pack from auto zone only two actually fit correctly. The first caliper that went back to NAPA was literally gushing fluid out when I was originally bleeding the system. Hel stainless M10 x 1. Trying to finish up my Ksport BBK install. Aug 06 2015 Installation of the new brake line is the reverse of removal. I 39 d rather not go the warrenty route. Got the new one in and noticed it 39 s leaking too. I have seen reports of copper washers causing a leak. I disconnected it from the caliper removed the old copper washers installed new washers and reconnected it to the new caliper. I didn 39 t know nbsp 12 Jun 2018 Banjo fittings are a neat piece of engineering that 39 s not new but I still marvel when I see one because it makes me think of how clever an idea nbsp They were not leaking but as I was fitting new calipers it made sense The recommended tightening torque for the new banjo bolts is quite low 20 Mar 2009 I installe new extended brake lines on my 94 39 . Oct 13 2005 Over the weekend my caliper began leaking where the brake line screws in with the banjo bolt. Install new caliper install new banjo washers brass washers reinstall nbsp I always check new banjo bolt washers with the engine running before I 39 d guess it was leaking the whole time just not very much at first. So I installed my new Galfer SS front lines. The pistons squeeze the brake pads which then contact the surface of the rotor and slow the vehicle down. Jan 23 2012 I customized the front left caliper on my previously Farnsrocket 39 s 1995 R1100 GS. I tried to tighten up the bolt a little more however the brake fluid dripped about once every 10 15 seconds. You can see grooves on both the banjo bolt head caliper mating surface and each side of the banjo to seat down into the softer crush washer. the two copper washers on each bolt are new. But as you say should be able to re use the old ones if you 39 re careful. The dimensions of the o ring that came with the caliper are 1. The brake hose itself is in good condition. The banjo bolt was the one from the donor bike that uses stacked banjo lines from the factory as OEM. Callahan OE Semi Loaded Caliper Assembly Set ACDelco Disc Brake Caliper Assembly Callahan Rear Powder Coated Calipers Car Bibles is reader supported. I have got all the disc brakes installed and was trying to get the system bled. brake line to The brake hose to caliper bolt or washer attaches the hose to the caliper and provides an air tight seal between the two. Put a suitable sized nut and bolt through the banjo using the old copper washers to seal it once nipped up. the brake line banjo bolt. 00 . Too much pressure would blow a hose before it should make this connection leak. Sometimes the brass washers do not seat properly and require some extra torque. BTW the banjo bolt that connected the upper end of the brake hose to the brake line was absolutely stuck and I destroyed it getting it loose so buy an extra May 04 2004 I torqued the banjo bolts to 26 ft lb and they leaked. 2005 Accord EXL I4 AT w Navi of no use new KYB front struts JL Audio TR690Txi 6X9 in the rear. I don 39 t want to tighten it too much for fear of causing worse problems. Remove cardboard from between the lever and lever bracket then proceed with bleeding the front brake system. Sep 29 2010 Custom bike with FXR 1987 Rear master cylinder. Everything went to plan but I am having a heck of a time getting the caliper to stop leaking. You have 0 Items In Your Cart. I had a u lock through the front wheel and attempted to move it. I have also tried using the new copper gaskets that came with the caliper. But I 39 m not sure about the sequence. There was adequate clearance between the caliper and the stock 16 quot 5 spoke alloy wheels. 20 Aug 2019 Not a body put new calipers and hoses on motor home banjo fittings won 39 t seal at caliper The smallest piece of dirt or sand will cause a leak. I have had better luck ordering them from rock auto but sometimes you can 39 t wait for shipping. I had a mustang 2 brake kit from Speedway with the GM calipers. I could see where the bolt a nicked the back edge of the piston. leak I am installing new brake calipers on a 2000 dodge durango. Here s a link to the Carlson sales support page if you need to order new bolts. A loose banjo bolt can cause brake failure. I 39 m confident that I 39 m torquing the banjo bolt enough because I can see the grooves imprinted in the copper washers when I remove them. 059 quot x 0. Two are needed and are used on the banjo bolt to mate the new caliper to the brake line. It is leaking when everything is tightened down properly at 32 ft. Everything looks ok but I m not really sure how the bolt works. Mar 11 2016 With the brake caliper in place install the guide pin bolts caliper bolts . 1. 374 quot CS x ID x OD . The bleeder bolt is tight as is the banjo bolt. Attach the banjo bolt end to the caliper first and then attach it to the metal line fitting. It barely works at all at about 3 4 clicks into the engagement on the lever. What do I do to stop the leak on the lip It is not like I can go to auto part to get new calipers Jan 09 2008 It should be caliper washer banjo washer drilled bolt on each of the calipers. New brake lines 4 copper crush washers for the rear banjo bolts 8mm wrench fits bleeder screws 10mm flare nut wrench line fittings If you try to use a normal 10mm wrench you will round off the flare nuts the wrench is a good 4 investment 12mm wrench or socket banjo bolt small torque wrench pliers to pull out the metal clips and You need to drain all the brake fluid out of the master cylinder before you remove the bolts. Do I understand correctly that if I buy the BH96 Banjo Fitting I can fit it to the end of my BH90 hose using an olive and it will connect to my M 985 caliper with the existing original allen headed Banjo Bolt So I got the new mk4 calipers all installed and bled etc. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home and shipping is free on all online orders of 35. It developed a leak. Rear brake I always use new washers and tighten as much as I dare. Warning Be aware that once the brake hose is broken loose brake fluid may leak out. It may help fix the issue. After tightening the banjo bolt with two new brass washers it was leaking brake fluid. If you are replacing the bolts at the caliper you need to drain the whole system before you start or you will have a huge mess. Torque the banjo bolt to 25 lb ft. The way they are machined if you put the 39 wrong 39 side against the caliper it will not seal no matter how tight you make the banjo bolt as it cannot lie flat against the caliper. Very annoying. They 39 ll also come with brand new crush washers which is also very important. I installed them and they leaked with the supplied washers bought new washers from autozone and they leaked got new washers from 5. Step 2 Remove the old washers from the fitting. When you buy thr Servicing Front Brake Calipers Brake lights in front of you flash suddenly and for no discernible reason. When I started to blead the system I noticed the right front line was leaking at the caliper fitting nbsp 21 Jan 2015 the hose fitting to leak. Autozone Orileys do not carry them. Tried the old copper washers and new nbsp 29 Mar 2017 After installing new front calipers I 39 ve got a leak with one of the lines. and an cordless drill. I have a copper washer on each side of block the banjo goes through and it still leaks. Now I 39 m leaking from the fitting. If it 39 s still leaking then I guess some aluminum washers are what I need. The idea was inspired by the wifi interface instructable by Jonathan Mackey https www. You need washers that are tight as possible around the banjo bolt. i had my front calipers leaking like this too at the washers i bought this kit with 3 or 4 different thickness of washers and none worked and they all where a little big bigger than the banjo bolt and had some free wiggle room so i went to the hardware store and got 4 copper washers that where barely too small to fit over my banjo bolt and i carefully made the washers hole the exact size of Hey guys I have an 86 Chevy k20 and I recently replaced the front calipers however I noticed that the drivers side was leaking a bit. Over tightening banjo bolts will snap them they 39 re hollow and narrow. I had to swing the connection around 180 degrees to get it to reach but nothing is impeding it. Both banjo fittings and one bleeder These are 13 quot PBR dual piston aluminum bodied calipers. Things to look for Check the length of the banjo bolt both over all length and the length of the threaded section. I go outside and look under the truck to see that the drivers side brake caliper leaked all over the ground and the tire master cylinder reservoir is close to being completely empty. My MK4 Roadster manual shows the aluminum PBR calipers for the front as well. Just cannot stop the leakage. Sep 19 2019 The notch faces up so the seal works with the copper washers. Which means having a stuck caliper bolt is something bugging lots of people. 5 Sep 2010 The front brakes were sticking so I decided to rebuild the calipers and clean I tried to start bleeding from the MC via the banjo bolt but no fluid least resistance and instead of leaking out the banjo bolt is compressing the air in your line. Feed the bolt through the holes on the Dec 07 2018 Torque value for Earl 39 s 3 8 quot Stat O Seal Washers on brake caliper banjo bolt. The spongy squishy pedal is due to air in the system. VIEW CART AND CHECKOUT. Prevent damage to seating surfaces by carefully removing brake line components. Brakes work pretty good but the E brake is struggling. Do i need to just clamp the line with some vice grips if its open all the fluid will eventually leak out. Jul 30 2002 Well I installed my brake lines. 1 Banjo Bolt Washer M10 1. The banjo bolts are brand new. get in here snug this up for now. Mar 19 2001 Re Banjo bolt leaking after new ss line install I found the old washers but only one per side between the banjo bolt head and the line fitting block. 14 Nov 2007 What is the torque setting for the brake line banjo bolt. The tire is remounted with the lug nuts torqued to 100 foot pounds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk A leak from the hose to the caliper is fairly common. Your car stops but yoru ve swerved well into the adjacent l 47 863 39 1 Brake Read more about Banjo on Fast Company An award winning team of journalists designers and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company s distinctive lens What s next for hardware software and services Our annual guide to the businesses that matter the most Leaders who are shaping the Wifi Calipers This instructable is an add on to the common digital calipers that makes them wifi enabled with a built in web server. But if you move that banjo washer brake fluid will follow the path of that previous impression and out she goes. After re washering these fittings 100 times with final turns via torque wrench I just did this by feel. I had a slight leak at first when using stock banjo bolts but new copper washers fixed it. My copper crush washers were leaking so I 39 ve gone to these Stat O Seal crush washers in hopes that they will seal. Usually there is just 1 more banjo bolt and a quick bleed of the system Before we get into the how to let s talk about a few reasons you might want to replace your brake caliper. Oct 09 2010 Yes the banjo fitting is part of the rear brake hose and the next step would have been to replace that hose not thinking about the fact that its a special order part and I needed a fix today but since I figured I had gouged the banjo fitting causing the leak when trying to remove the original washers from the banjo bolt I took an oil stone to the banjo fitting and grinded it smoother and cranked the original bolt and new washers down into the caliper tighter than most would recommend. New bleeder screws provide trouble free bleeding and a positive seal. As for the leak being somewhere else put the car on stands remove the wheel and watch while someone stands on the brake pedal. New crush washers installed on brake line fitting. Jul 28 2015 Figure 5. the new banjo bolts with the old ones The banjo bolt on the new calipers are different from what I originally had. New banjo bolts are included where applicable to ensure a perfect fit and quick installation. Dec 19 2019 Tighten the banjo bolt with a ratchet. leaking Banjo bolts and SS Brake Hose This is a late respopnse but just for info I had the same issues with one of the Banjo bolts on a Master Cylinder and also on 2 of the SS Brake hoses. You can remove the reservoir cover to speed up the process to drain the fluid. These guidelines will help you figure out how to change brake calipers. Carefully examine all brake components brake lines and fittings for leaks nbsp 16 Feb 2019 The brake line at banjo connection is leaking One thing I noticed was new banjo bolt head is 11mm where the old one was 14. Step 3 Remove the caliper bolts. I used 82 Waggy front brake hoses to connect them. brake line is leaking 3. I got the new caliper on and now for the life of me I can 39 t get the banjo bolt that connects the caliper to the brake line to stop leaking I used a brand new copper washer on each side of the boltthe leak is a steady drip The hose ends the big block like ends that the banjo bolts fit through have a 39 bolt side 39 and a 39 caliper side 39 . Torque the banjo bolt to 17 to 22 ft lbs. I say QUICKLY because air is going into the line here the longer you wait the more air you get in the system. those are rear spec . Once the brake hose is removed remove the caliper retaining bolts using a ratchet and socket and then remove the caliper Whether or not the brake caliper is the culprit of your brake fluid leak rebuilding the caliper is vital. They are tested to resist collapse chemicals and other extreme conditions. The leak is coming from the banjo connection on the line to the rear wheel. Specifically it is leaking from the crush washer that is against the caliper. Figure 6. 14 Jul 2011 My calipers came with 2 copper crush washers I assume they are for the banjo bolt connection thye are sort of rounded Syber4x4 New Member them from relaxing later and allowing the banjo bolt to come loose leak. New washers are included where applicable for a proper seal. Dorman Products 484 205. Jul 08 2007 I put 77 Blazer calipers on my 9 quot I have in my Comanche. It came with 2 nbsp 4 Jul 2016 Is a loose Banjo Bolt enough to cause a total brake failure there was a loose Banjo bolt and that some brake fluid was leaking but that A banjo bolt fitting is what makes the connection between the brake hose and the brake caliper. Joined May Oct 12 2015 Im having problems with my banjo bolts leaking on my rear calipers. includes part number 230 13073 to the Wilwood caliper 2 using new crush washers 5 and banjo bolts 7 . I read in Cam 39 s thread about the caliper piston being too far back so moved it forward and hooked up the flex hose using new copper washers. At that time I installed new copper washers around banjo bolt. Place the new caliper bracket against the brake rotor in the same position as the old one. Item comes with a pair of copper banjo washers. But when this is done it leaks worse then the current set up of 2 washers on nbsp . One side of the brake hose connector has a sort of lip on it. The lock stopped the bike by making contact with the front left caliper. It wasn 39 t. Brake fluid DOT 5. Place the line in the bracket that attaches it to the frame and tighten everything up. Thinking it was maybe a bad banjo bolt I searched that here and nbsp 28 Sep 2014 Front Brake hose to caliper Banjo bolt 39Nm 29lbft. lbs. Do not lose these. Front brake banjo bolt connection point. I replaced the banjo bolt but the leak persists. There 39 s no such thing. Mine were on the plug that they had in the new caliper. hand tighten this caliper bolt in with. I guess that one wasn 39 t tightened good enough. Your title says bench bleed the caliper. My theory is the Banjo bolt inside is loose and that 39 s my rattle plus cause of the leak. ers on both sides of the banjo fitting. ATP did send a new line 1 inch longer and with a slimmer banjo for no charge. How To Rebuild The Front Brake Caliper On Your 1994 2001 Yamaha YZ125. Ended up switching to thinner washers and using the ratchet to tighten the bejesus out of them. The new caliper generally speaking will come with a new banjo bolt. They 39 re really easy to drop lose or crush. Apr 03 2007 I put new brakes on the front of the goat this winter and the calipers are leaking where the banjo bolts bolt to the lines calipers. The kit came with new seals new pistons and some lube to use on the seals and pistons when putting them in the caliper halves. 3rd Gen Camaro shown. Use shop rag or tape to protect fender area adjacent to caliper as incidental contact can occur during Jun 25 2014 Posted Jun 25 2014 at 20 57 Quote Yes the bolt is dead tight. Everything seemed to go fairly smoothly but today I notice one is leaking. If the brake system 39 s banjo bolt is loose and worn out brake fluid leaks may occur. Aug 15 2007 Be carefull with the longer bolts. Get s small hammer and tape down on the head of the banjo bolt then tighten it a little and repeat the process a couple times. get a good torque wrench and torque it . 2. Open the brake fluid reservoir cover. The new caliper will come with fresh washers that we will use. Tightening the bolt seals the copper washers and provides a leak proof connection. Aug 18 2011 Got under the car last night to fix the brake fluid leak I did get another 1 8 of a turn on the banjo bolt but that wasn 39 t it. As some of you know i had a caliper fail on me the other dayit stripped out where the banjo bolt screws in. I think the rear schock has failed and the fuild is coming from it. After not gitting it to seal I removed the bolts and looked though the hole. 1994 2004 Mustang Brake Calipers. I assume the 2 copper washers are crush washers and help form a seal Mar 24 2020 So now the leak is fixed and the correct torque according to ford factory manual is 50 newton meters 37 foot lbs . Every time you step on the brake pedal brake fluid is able to go from the brake line to the caliper by passing through the banjo bolt. Oct 01 2018 I have a new caliper New hose tried two different banjo bolts one was a metric head and the one on there now is a standard head but both thread into the caliper fine I 39 ve been through three sets of crush washers. One washer goes between the bolt head and the brake line and the other goes between the brake line and the caliper. Thanks to Dennis for the speedy delivery of a banjo bolt and rings. I even tried new copper washers tonight. Installing new brake calipers on a car can feel like a monumental task. It 39 s my brakes again. OE caliper ends use entire washer area. After installing a new rear brake caliper on my 2001 drw f350 there is a brake fluid leak where the brake line is attached to the caliper. I have tried every length banjo bolt I could find and have used new copper washers almost every time I have had this apart. I know this seems obvious but surprisingly enough we have many new builders who attempt using a crush washer on the caliper surface only. e. Take your HAWG HALTERS caliper out of the box along with the hardware package. 12 Jun 2009 Your leak is probably from the old banjo fitting the looped fitting not sealing against the new crush washers. fronts are 55 NM 41 page 203 03 6 manual . 2 Feb 2016 Just replaced calipers and pads on the front of my 1996 and can 39 t get the caliper to brake hose to seal. Remove banjo bolt and two steel rubber washers to detach front brake line from caliper. our bolt in there. com id Caliper Data Inte 1 000 4 This instructable is an ad Homemade Banjo Banjo type guitar I made from an aluminum potI live in Costa Rica and am very limited on tools and supplies. Unable to get banjo bolts to seal and stop leaking brake fluid onto frame. The copper crush washer in the gap between the fitting and body of the caliper completes the seal. Take the caliper off and look at the hose end. Nov 05 2012 Anyway I need to replace the banjo fitting on two front M 985 brake calipers. It is very slight. Oct 06 2012 Of note when you buy your caliper make sure you can locate the two copper washers that are the gasket on the banjo bolt. Loosen and remove the two allen head bolts that attach the o. Torque the bolts to approximately 25 ft lbs. I also looked on GM Parts House website and found nothing. Also I have gotten bad calipers from auto zone myself. These brake banjo bolts give you leak free performance and consistent fluid pressure delivered to your brake caliper. If you notice leaking brake fluid and your hoses aren 39 t broken or cracked be sure to also check the brake hose bolt or washer that seals the end of the brake hose. When I removed the bolt I noticed the bolt appears to be stripped in half of the threads. could be the banjo bolt not tight enough crush washers compromised. 05 29 2012 07 06 AM Does anyone know the size of the copper crush washers that sit on either side of the brake caliper banjo bolt. I believe it 39 s 25 ft lb for the rear caliper 39 s banjo bolt. New tral Posts 10 You 39 re right. Then use a 14mm socket to remove the banjo bolt from the caliper as well as the bracket from the spindle. But aware that said stores may only stock one. When a caliper becomes defective Your car brakes are under great pressure on a daily basis. Figure 3. This is the fitting where the line from the ABS unit mounts and a flexible line then goes to the rear wheel. rear side caliper no leaking at all WHEN brake pedal was pushed down. What size washers do I need for this b c now that the sun is setting early time is of the essence and I 39 d like to just swing by advance auto after work and pick em up. I assume you did use new copper washers. I thought it was because of the ding on the sealing surface so I went and exchanged it only to find that when I put the new caliper on brake fluid was leaking out even faster between the banjo and the caliper with no pressure on the brakes. This may take 5 10 minutes to fully drain. Replacing a brake caliper is a job that isn t much harder than replacing your brake pads. One goes between banjo and caliper and the other Sep 13 2018 Caliper in vise washers still warm box wrench to slowly turn banjo bolt while gently but firmly tapping squarely on bolt head with a dead blow rubber mallet. When trying to install the new one on the passenger side there is an unsolvable leak coming from the sides of the rectangle thing that is around the bolt that screws into the caliper. You will need 2 washers here don 39 t forget or you will have a leak. never re use them 2. On caliper the banjo bolt on the end of the brake line works just fine I only had to finger tighten it. Still have a leak. Make sure that you use new sealing washers on the banjo bolt which attaches it to the caliper. If the washers are copper they are use once and throw away. It is a banjo bolt style hose bh 90 and upon removal there is no olive. The car 39 s a 2005 outback with stock brakes. Dorman Dorman Brake Hose to Caliper Bolt Washer 484 180. Jul 30 2014 Unfortunately the O ring that comes on the temporary bolt on a new caliper see top of photo is larger than the ones used to seal the banjo bolt see bottom of photo . 6L 1996 2004 Modular Mustang 01 GT REAR BRAKE LEAK hey guys replace banjo bolt. Brake hose to banjo is listed at 12 to 15 lbs. I looked at the bleed nipple not leaking. If the bolt fitting is loose or if either of the two brass washers gaskets leaks it can result in the loss brake hydraulic pressure where the brake pedal goes to the floor. The front caliper design had some slight redesigns between So I got the new mk4 calipers all installed and bled etc. I d suggest trying new washers again. photo 3 . The washer you use needs to fit in there and not sit up on the edge. I would not expect defects in the outer 50 of the surface to leak using a new dead soft washer unless those ridges were quite severe. The dust shield only needed to be trimmed back 1 4 quot at both the top and bottom end of the caliper. Discard washers. 15 Mar 2018 C6 Corvette General Discussion Help caliper leaking at banjo bolt Stupid question but you did use new washers right castlerock_z06 39 s nbsp 27 May 2014 Bought new Cobra style calipers and both will not stop leaking at where See if you can move or wiggle the line at the banjo boltif the bolt is nbsp 22 May 2013 break caliper service and now I am leaking brake fluid from the banjo bolt. now with this caliper mounted it ll make. They are manufactured from quality materials and then plated to resist corrosion. A lot of times leaks are to blame due to the rough casting on reman 39 d calipers. . 25 Jun 2014 Yes the bolt is dead tight. The one between the caliper and hose is getting pocketed in a shallow groove on bot the caliper and the hose itself. You mash the brake pedal to avoid rear ending a driver who must have suddenly remembered leaving the stove on. Apr 09 2012 The dealer just put new front brake pads on due to a stuck caliper defect. Either way it worked for me in the end with the new DC5 bolts 46462 SE0 000 . Do not back off the bolt once the washer is crushed. This is my take on the brake hose leaking problem. I have the flared tyoe fittings. Remember that your bike is over 30 years old now and a properly functioning front brake is crucial to keeping away road rash. Both of these new banjo bolts thread easily by hand into the old caliper. Rubber o rings are useless brake fluid eats them up . I did find a couple of webpages that describe how to swap calipers on this era GM cars and one even spec 39 d 40 ft lbs for the banjo bolt not in lbs . torque. So brake fluid was spewing out of my caliper I could see it dripping so I pull over and one of the four bolts on each front caliper were missing and the other three on each one were loose I 39 m struggling to diagnose and repair a leak right where the brake line feeds into the caliper. However this is actually an easy repair you can complete in just a few hours. If the leak is in the master cylinder or brake caliper you will need a master cylinder rebuild kit. but it still leaks when I push on the break pedal. Once i completely connected the line it did not leak at all. the bolt and placed new washers on after I crushed down the first leaking The way the hose mounts to the caliper I didnt think this would affect nbsp 7 Apr 2013 The washer at the bolt side is crushing but the one between the hose and caliper doesn 39 t look like it is compressing hardly at all. Caliper mounting bolts. Feb 05 2020 Unscrew the banjo bolt on the caliper that connects to the brake hose. Maybe the banjo was damaged. I wasted so much brake fluid and time trying to bleed the calipers because they keep leaking with the existing shorter bolts Here is the existing caliper which must be removed. I have fitted it in the reverse of the old one with a copper washer each side of the banjo type fitting at the caliperand it drips brake fluid and nbsp 14 Jul 2017 much air in. I have the needed bits to service it new banjo o rings DOT grease bleed kit for after. I was getting a little impatient with it and had to walk away so i don 39 t over tighten it and strip threads. Calipers are very important components in disc braking systems. One is floating and the other is fixed. Oct 12 2015 Im having problems with my banjo bolts leaking on my rear calipers. copper washers are new too. 75 each I would need two for each caliper . IT nbsp Two banjo fittings atop automotive brake calipers. What is the torque setting for the brake line banjo bolt. This has been on this bike for 15 years or more with zero problems. Aug 13 2009 Favorite Answer. Here is a link to my car can you please confirm deny this is part 40 and other than the dealer has anyone had luck at an auto parts store I am surprised they are only . Brake Banjo BoltSteel 7 16 Inch x 202 crush washers included For use with banjo fittingsNote To measure what size fitting you have you will need to measure the outside diameter of the threads and check the tread pitch. I just got rebuilt calipers and when I tightened the banjo bolts I got a leak on the passenger side. If the leak is in any of the brake line connections such as the banjo bolt up by the master cylinder you may be able to stop the leak just by cleaning. Place the end of the hose and bolt in a bag to catch fluid then tape the bag to the hose. In the said system a banjo bolt is used to connect a brake caliper to a brake line. A vacuum bleeder will help. Unfortunately the driver 39 s side was leaking again right from beneath the banjo bolt. Even though they don t need maintenance their failure is common. I didn 39 t replace the washers with new ones during the service. The banjo bolt is on top of the main caliper piece and attaches to the hose leading to the brake s main cylinder. My rule of thumb being to change out both at the same time. Whatever the case that place needsa new mechanic and the people nbsp 22 Jan 2007 The washers are the right size same for the banjo bolt. caliper piston seal is leakin 1 is unlikely unless there has been major brake work before. Also anyone looking for new crush washers for the banjo bolts. 31 Oct 2013 take the brake line off remove a couple of bolts and take the caliper off. It is worst if the hose accidentally supports the caliper s weight. And it is leaking can I still tighten it to stop the leak. aligned and hand tighten it now we ll. Jul 14 2011. Yes these are new washers. Saw no leaks from the brake with my wife pumping the pedal but another puddle this morning in my garage. When you discover that you need to replace your brake calipers you may think it is a major repair. Just had them all off to clean up replace pots etc. I will be rebuilding my front stock calipers on a 91 std hatch. They all came from NAPA the bolt is the one he told me it should take. So I cranked it a bit more today. Jan 22 2017 Drill out the stock banjo bolt no bottoming out problems. With rubber lines you simply clamp the brake line to limit leakage unbolt the caliper and banjo and bolt up the new one. I have tried different combinations and numbers of crush washers and last tried copper 10 mm washers with no results. and paint and although I 39 ve got away with reusing the washers on the front calipers I 39 ve managed to lose one of the back ones. Thanks. The leak is starting from the caliper side between the banjo washer and the caliper machined face. Unscrew the bolt and remove the banjo fitting. These SVE Cobra style calipers are offered in black and red and feature a 2 piston design to improve stopping power. The leak takes place right above the banjo nut where the fitting I asked if I could just send in the line since the lever and caliper were fine but I had to send in the whole thing. Take the new brake caliper and install it on the vehicle. Fluid will be pouring out again so have the rags ready. Try this. Brake fluid will leak out so have a pan to catch it. Now carefully remove the caliper from the disc and let hang out of the way. 00mm banjo bolt suitable for many motorcycle applications including late model Suzukis and most Honda Kawasaki and Yamaha models including most Tokico calipers. Will replacing the copper washers fix the leak It seems like a brand new assembly should not leak. My Banjo bolts are leaking. A banjo bolt fitting is what makes the connection between the brake hose and the brake caliper. Also on the caliper there is a small recess. The bolt is torqued to spec I believe it 39 s 40 ft lbs. But the caliper on the other side it just kept leaking I torqued it down with a Sep 01 2010 You need two new crush washers but you need to get the right size. The original factory block has spiral groves imprinted around the seal area on both sides and the same on the caliper too. I took it back out and there doesn 39 t appear to be any wear on the threads so I don 39 t think it was cross threaded. instructables. Sep 21 2016 Part 3 of 4 Transfer brake line to the new caliper. There 39 s an awful lot of rust under nbsp 19 Sep 2012 anyway i switched them out hopefully it fixes the leak. 29 Mar 2018 Leaks with new lines Brake calipers that feature a banjo bolt to secure the flexible brake hose to the caliper require a crush washer on both nbsp 7 Feb 2015 I am replacing front disc brake calipers and rotors pads . power assit braking pressure approx 1400 lbs . However before I stopped I noticed the rear brake line banjo bolt connection to be leaking. With the banjo Brake hose to banjo is listed at 12 to 15 lbs. I 39 m going to try to replace the banjo bolt with 2 new copper washers as a next step in troubleshooting. Did you just buy a new caliper to find out that they expect you to reuse your old nasty corroded banjo bolts The ones you just rounded off because the guy who owned the car before you didn t take care of it Here you will find every banjo bolt you could possible want. the top one in get the bottom one. The new banjo bolt it came with is 11mm and the old one is 14mm so I couldn 39 t even use the old one. Need to fix a pinhole leak in your feed lines visit the Brake Tube page. Search our full catalog of aftermarket Ford Brake Hose To Caliper Bolt Washer products below. Opens a new window. BUT PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR BOLT IS LONG ENOUGH BEFORE HOOKING EVERYTHING UP. still leaks I also tried old and new banjo bolts. I assume you get the bolts with new calipers. Like I said before you do not reuse your old washers or gaskets. Save Share I ordered new Gen 1 calipers and they did not come with banjo bolts. and we ll snug the bottom bolt as well. Torque the banjo bolt to spec. Prior to installing the mk4 calipers my ebrake worked pretty well and was a lot easier to pull. Replace the OE banjo bolt and crush washers with the new supplied banjo bolt and crush washers. It still leaks. The problem was rough surfaces on the faces of the fittings. The included brake banjo bolts are designed to fit your OEM brake lines and calipers. Don t worry about losing the washers or banjo bolt Yes. Raise the car remove the wheels and release the parking brake. I 39 m doing the 06 06 swap on my 04 but the 05 06 Damaged banjo bolt surfaces will leak when reassembled. Trying to find the Torque spec for the banjo bolts on the calipers for our cars. Mar 15 2011 Copper washers is my first guess generally if it was a crimp in the line that failed the fluid would not be on the caliper it sprays out ot the tire. Unfortunately one of the replacement calipers had a leaky seal so I had to undo everything I just did new rotor pads and caliper and put all the old stuff back on. I wasn 39 t sure if it was the wrong size washer or just sloppiness. Clicking this will make The other thing is the fitting on the hose may have a hair line crack where the pipe joins the banjo end. Nov 25 2016 I got a bolt from a Dodge application that was a couple mm longer. 9 May 2016 Remove the brake hose banjo bolt or bolts and then disconnect the brake hose and Take the new brake caliper and install it on the vehicle. The perfect brake fitting kit for when you are getting rid of those old worn out rubber brake hoses for trick new stainless steel lines. Make sure to fit new copper washers when you refit the calipers. New copper washers and or more torque did not solve the problem. Most restrictions and failures of hoses occur at the end attached to the caliper banjo bolt or hard line. If the hose is rotten or the crimp is leakingyes new hose required. remove the banjo bolt from the rear of the old caliper and QUICKLY bolt it to the rear of the new caliper. At each end of the brake hose is a banjo bolt. Improve braking and give your Mustang a great new look with upgraded 1994 2004 Mustang brake calipers. I 39 d like to try tightening the nbsp Part Number 230 13074 Caliper Mounting Bolt Kit. If necessary remove any bolts securing the hose to the vehicle. Sep 09 2016 When all mounting bolts are removed and drain pans in place you can now start with loosening the banjo bolts on the calipers. Was I supposed to use some kind of sealant in there to seal it Or is the surface of the new caliper defective where the brake line is attached Or is there a piece of dirt or sand in there Any ideas Torque the caliper slider bolts to 23 ft lb Place one copper gasket onto the banjo bolt Insert the banjo bolt through the brake hose fitting Place the other copper gasket onto the banjo bolt Install the banjo bolt into the caliper Tighten the 12 mm banjo bolt until it bottoms out and then an extra 1 8 1 4 turn 8. STEP 3 With the brake lines removed from the calipers allow gravity to drain the lines. Apr 19 2019 If you find rust on the mounting surface where the hose bolts to the caliper clean it up with a wire brush and some brake parts cleaner before re assembling it. Make sure to check for user reviews of each Brake Hose To Caliper Bolt Washer product to learn which worked the best for our customers. The brakes started to build The leak is between the two banjo bolts on the master cylinder. I made sure to have that side facing the caliper. I 39 ve replaced the copper washers the banjo bolt and even the caliper itself all to no avail. Kit Features 2 7 16 quot banjo fittings 4 AN threads for easier brake plumbing solutions 2 7 16 quot 24 banjo bolts 5 Crush washers Note To measure what size fitting you have you will need to measure the outside diameter of Feb 10 2015 I am replacing front disc brake calipers and rotors pads . brake line pressure is extreme . Wipe the area clean of brake fluid and keep an eye on it to make it sure stops leaking. I 39 m hoping it 39 s not something with the caliper threads see above photo of threads before I reinstalled the banjo bolt . I don 39 t know the torque offhand on the banjo bolt as I just tighten with a regular ratchet I would go with 333ft lbs. 2 Jul 2007 I just got rebuilt calipers and when I tightened the banjo bolts I got a leak on the passenger side. I 39 ll inspect the hose banjo bolt and caliper finish very carefully prior to reassembly. The LGT calipers were Centric remans and had a new banjo bolt and washers. Nov 05 2013 I replaced all the brake pads on my 2005 V8 yesterday. 4 wheel disc brakes. more info 7. 5mm x 9. I only used hand tools hand saw coping saw files etc. Step 1 Remove the front caliper banjo bolt. A plastic cap plug protects every brake port thread to ensure a trouble free installation. The vacuum bleeder will also help bleed the air out of the system once you put the new fluid in. I tightened the bolt down a nbsp 25 Oct 2014 Make sure the banjo bolt is the correct length. Dec 30 2015 Install new crush washers on each side of the brake line fitting before installing the banjo bolt into the master cylinder. get the thickest washer that is tightly fitting on the banjo bolt. You need to bleed the caliper again. I didn 39 t know that there was a torque spec for the bolt so I cranked on it pretty good. Many SS hoses can cause issues problems just because of caliper ends. If it comes with a new banjo bolt you go ahead and use that. Not leaking so far This was with new calipers and new brake hoses. transferring this banjo bolt and the. Now I have a leak from the brake line fitting located directly under the battery. Stuck or frozen caliper bolts are one of the problems that come from reusing old parts during a brake job. yes all new washers that came with the kit. So you should stage Try a tinny bit of blue lock tight on the last few threads of the banjo bolt and also apply blue lock tight on both sides of a new copper washer. 256 quot x 0. However it is one you can undertake yourself. Just drip drops every few minutes. I barely snugged the banjo bolt just enough to keep it from leaking. I need to run up nbsp After installing the new caliper and new pads. Tester Replace any damaged parts. Last summer I blew the rear main line while mowing the truck around in my yard to change the e brake pads. they were brand new from CPP. Why would you be replacing a brake caliper Sized Caliper Jan 31 2020 Turns out the included caliper o ring must be for something else. calipers on my 87 MC And now suffer from leaking banjo bolt fittings. Plus the hose has to be situated in the low cutout area of the caliper casting. The hoses and calipers are brand new. Undo and remove the 12mm banjo bolt from one caliper. m. I had a similar issue and returned one caliper 2X before it was right. I think I need thicker washers than what came with the kit. No banjo bolts. Jun 02 2016 My rebuilt caliper came with a new Banjo bolt and copper crush washers and after trying to simply move the old bolt steel washers over to new caliper I didn 39 t get a good feeling about the threads lining up so I decided to twist and break the steel washer and ruin the threads on the old bolt and move the Banjo to the new hardware and all works These brake banjo bolts give you leak free performance and consistent fluid pressure delivered to your brake caliper. Read endless posts and haven 39 t found the torque spec. If it 39 s leaking at the caliper I 39 ll bet a case of beer it 39 s one or both of the banjo o rings. Remove the caliper Step 6 Loosen banjo bolt on caliper only if replacing brake caliper To completely remove the caliper you will need to loosen the banjo bolt that secures the rubber brake line to the caliper Figure 7 . I can 39 t get a good seal no matter what I do. Your brake fluid leak may be due somehow to a crush washer. The Z32 brakes under 16 inch wheels on the grey 180sx The hard lines are easy to access at the front of the car and offer little trouble if fitting braided lines. The wheel that is leaking is the first one I did yesterday and the only one where I tried to open the bleeder valve to relieve pressure in hopes that it would make it easier to compress the piston rear driver side if it matters . I also developed a leak in the driver 39 s side banjo bolt at the brake caliper which I fixed by putting in copper washers on the fitting and done a lazy man 39 s bypass line for the rear line. Banjo bolt torque specs Front Brake hose to caliper Banjo bolt 39Nm 29lbft I bought some m785 brakes from the ebay and the rear is leaking where the hose meets the insert. The neck is made from an old piece of 32 706 107 16 Banjo type guitar I When you discover that you need to replace your brake calipers you may think it is a major repair. Jan 27 2011 Leaking Banjo Brake Fittings Need help i have new chevy S 10 Calipers and new S 10 lines and new bolts and i cant get them to to stop leaking. The final step is to install the OE brake hose into the new caliper using the new banjo bolts and crush washers. One of my front calipers decided to commit suicide on me today. Bleeding new brakes is a huge pain in the A Brake fluid is quite nbsp Did any fluid leak thanks for the help guys i have to actualy take the banjo bolt out and turn it to a different angle then put it nbsp So after inspecting things I discovered that the real culprit is that the banjo bolt threads are not long enough part of the bolt body protrudes and nbsp crush washers must be replaced with the Replacement Banjo Bolt and new crush washers. and the edge of the new washer may not be sitting on a clean surface. Step 1 Remove the banjo fitting from the old caliper. One line from the master down two banjo 39 s stacked and the other line crosses to the other caliper. Everything is brand new caliper bolt hose and washers even pads and rotors. even if the opening is off by 1 100 of an inch it will leak. Now my master cylinder is half full I completely filled it when I put the new caliper on and I have brake fluid on the lower control arm and e brake cable housing. Any suggestions. I went ahead and tried the ratchet on the one I installed today and it did screw in. Nice and easy right Well it was right up until I started bleeding the left caliper. This will be the only thing keeping it attached to the vehicle at this Nov 06 2018 2000 dodge durango calipers. 31 Oct 2014 4. This caliper has everything that you need to be able to install it Mar 15 2015 They 39 re one time use because when you tighten that banjo bolt the big steel block on the end of that caliper hose puts an impression into the banjo washer. What gives I just spent 2K replacing the trans. When you buy through links on our site we may earn an aff No performance vehicle is complete without the right brakes. 5. The thing just will not stop leaking where the hose meets the caliper. POR 15 Caliper Paint Rust Oleum Caliper Paint G2 Brake Caliper Paint System Car Bibles is reader supported. When I open the bleeder screw the leak is a drip and when the bleeder screw is closed brake fluid accumulates and will drip slowly. Connect that line to the steel line last. 5 X 23. 0resto and they still leak. My X2 caliper is leaking at the banjo bolt. new caliper banjo bolt leaking